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Our school is named after our local hero, BENITO MARTINEZ.  Benito was born to Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Martinez here in Ft. Hancock on April  21, 1932.  He attended primary school at our campus and graduated in 1950.  He joined the United States Army at the recruiting station in Ft. Hancock. Benito completed his basic training and was eventually assigned to Company A (Able Company) of the 25th Infantry Division. 
His heroic actions have made our community proud and every Veteran's Day friends, old and new, celebrate Benito Martinez and our local veterans. Our students are proud to have such a positive role model and know that although Ft. Hancock is a  small community of only 1,713 people they can accomplish whatever their dreams desire ... just like Benito!

Cpl. Martinez, a machine gunner with Company A, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and outstanding courage above and beyond the call of duty in action against the enemy. While manning a listening post forward of the main line of resistance, his position was attacked by a hostile force of reinforced company strength. In the bitter fighting which ensued, the enemy infiltrated the defense perimeter and, realizing that encirclement was imminent, Cpl. Martinez elected to remain at his post in an attempt to stem the onslaught. In a daring defense, he raked the attacking troops with crippling fire, inflicting numerous casualties. Although contacted by sound power phone several times, he insisted that no attempt be made to rescue him because of the danger involved. Soon thereafter, the hostile forces rushed the emplacement, forcing him to make a limited withdrawal with only an automatic rifle and pistol to defend himself. After a courageous 6-hour stand and shortly before dawn, he called in for the last time, stating that the enemy was converging on his position His magnificent stand enabled friendly elements to reorganize, attack, and regain the key terrain. Cpl. Martinez' incredible valor and supreme sacrifice reflect lasting glory upon himself and are in keeping with the honored traditions of the military service.

We would like to thank all Veterans 
and those men and women that are currently serving in the armed forces. 

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